[jitsi-dev] WASAPI deadlock


I came across a similar problem, I could not find what is wrong in the
WSAPI code.

What helped me was to modify the:
net.sf.fmj.media.parser.RawPushBufferParser$FrameTrack.reset() method by
adding stopped = false;

        public void reset() {

            stopped = false;


WSAPIStream$ProcessThread.runInProcessThread() is stuck because
RawPushBufferParser$FrameTrack.transferData() never comes back because it is
waiting: bufferQ.wait();

ether RawPushBufferParser$FrameTrack.start() does not get called after
reset() or RawPushBufferParser$FrameTrack.readFrame() never calls
bufferQ.notify() as stoped=true.

I hope this helps in localizing the problem, best regards