[jitsi-dev] WASAPI deadlock

Hi, we are experiencing problems with latest versions of Jitsi's nightlies (tested on 4861).

After some time for some users SIP calling stops working all together - clicking on call button does absolutely nothing.

Some debugging:
1.jpg - All new requests are deadlocked - one new thread for every click:

2.jpg - Then I found many deadlocked hangup threads too

3.jpg - After that I found the one hangup thread which probably did this:

Waiting of WASAPI in this thread lasts forever. _processThread_ rejects to shut itself down.

4.jpg - Finally I found what's processThread up to

There it simply hangs on line:
                = this.outStreams.toArray(
                        new AudioMixingPushBufferStream[

And I don't have a clue why ... It may be connected to some driver/HW problem - but this happens on many distinct notebook manufacturers (Lenovo, Dell, ...).

Latest nightlies are very unstable for some of us ... maybe there are other problems but most of them seems to be related to this issue.

I would be very happy if anyone of developers got a minute to look into this ... i can replicate this problem on my PC if needed.




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Hello, Richard!

Could we please have a complete thread dump created with "jstack -l <pid>"?


Thank Richard,

Lyubo noticed a problem with the audio mixer. We'll have a look early next


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On 15 Oct 2013 10:56, "Richard Karmazín" <richard.karmazin@ipex.cz> wrote:

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