[jitsi-dev] video problems (whole screen view vs normal view)


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Dear All,
currently using nb latest version on Mac OS 10.7.5

since few updates following problems occur:

+) if I push onto video, my partner sees only black screen OR sometimes
black screen with one white pixel in the middle OR the whole screen
changes color (green, light blue - as if the whole screen is only viewed
as "one pixel"), partner uses WinXP

everything turns to "normal" video view if the "whole screen" button is
pushed, then he can see me. After pushing "esc" to return to the normal
view the connection interrupts.

Same is the other way round (he calls me and I cannot see him, only
black screen etc, see above)

+) the audio quality is significantly affected after turning on video
(before excellent, with video jittering)

kind regards, MS

(Jitsi is really great! Please keep going your excellent job!!!)

@ Emil: when will your presentation be available at video.fosdem.org ?