[jitsi-dev] Video Frames take 1-Minute to start being sent on connection that sends neither audio or video


After struggling with failing recordings, intermittent Chrome "Aw Snap!"
issues when sharing/unsharing screens, and various issues attempting to use
Jibri for recording, I have decided to buckle down and write a server side
recorder from scratch in C++ using the reference implementation of webrtc.

I have already written a Xamarin/C# Android/iOS client using the same above
strategy without any issues.

I have created a parser that converts from the XMPP session-initiate
messages to an SDP that can be placed in a PeerConnection:


SDP generated from session-initiate (IPs changed):

And produces the following session-accept when putting in the local
description generated by putting no audio/video streams in locally (This
client basically will only subscribe to remote video/audio):


The PeerConnection seems to set up, and everything looks good from the
Video Bridge end.

However while the recorder immediately receives Audio frames, it takes
almost one minute (I counted) before it seems to start receiving/decoding
any video frames.

Any help determining what the issue might be would be greatly appreciated.

Do I have to push audio or video frames to the remote end in order to make
this work? Is the video bridge waiting to receive input and eventually
timing out, or something along those lines?

Perhaps it's something wrong with the XMPP session-accept I am producing?


- Jason Thomas