[jitsi-dev] version 2.2 cannot be used as URL handler


Many thanks for the 2.2 release. I appreciate the Thunderbird
integration. However I am still using jitsi as URL handler so I can call
from TBs addressbook. The problem is that the jitsi.desktop file in the
debian packages is wrongly configured so it does not allow the use of
commandline arguments.
I published the fix on the userlist as part of my Jitsi/TB addressbook
howto. It would be good if the fix would make it into the packages so
that not every update kills the URL handler function.

Here is what needs changing:

Edit /usr/share/applications/jitsi.desktop and modify the line
starting with "Exec" so that it reads:
Exec=jitsi %u

it's just about adding the %u.

all the best,