[jitsi-dev] Using videobridge [Was: Jitsi 2.0 Now Released!]



Thanks Boris.

The option is greyed out for me, presumably because I am not logged into a
compatible account.

How do I login to a jit.si account (i.e what settings do I put into
jitsi, as the signup form is a bit short on details).

You can use the "add new account" button (under the "File" or "Jitsi"
menu). You should select "XMPP" as the network and either fill in your
existing username/password (if you already have a jit.si account) or select
"create a new XMPP account" to create a new account. Note that you will
also have to add your contacts to this account in order to invite them to a

Also, is it possible to host a video bridge without requiring a jit.siaccount?

The technology is not specific to jit.si (or any other provider), but there
is a server side component needed for it to work. So, you don't have to use
jit.si, but you will probably have to deploy your own server.

Code for the jitsi implementation of the server component is available here:



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