[jitsi-dev] Using Jicofo built from source

Hey there,

I have a working jitsi environment and would like to build Jicofo from source and test it. In order to do this I followed the excellent guide here: [jitsi-dev] setup a jitsi development and test environment - #2 by damencho

Once I built the source and got my jar and zip files, I extracted the content of the zip to /usr/share/jicofo in my working (and running) Jicofo installation. This was suggested here: [jitsi-users] Runtime error after compiling Jicofo from source - #3 by Boris_Grozev

Next, I simply restarted the running jicofo process by sending a SIGHUP signal to it. Jicofo restarted and looked like it’s working. However, after the restart I have the following error in Prosody and cannot enter a conference:

warn    Component not connected, bouncing error for: <iq id='efdab4c6-ca6b-4d66-a2dc-fad91424bd0d:sendIQ' to='my-domain' from='whcqg1h6wumqhxpn@my-domain/plD71JGR' type='set'>

If you have any ideas or suggestions on why this happens, it’d be appreciated.


I got it!

Instead of using master, I checked out the same version of code that I previously successfully configured and installed from a deb package. This did the trick. Such a silly mistake…