[jitsi-dev] Using google stun server with jitsi


     I love jitsi. I am using the experimental google stun server feature
of jitsi and had been getting lots of ICE failures. I later noticed that
if instead of initiating a video call that if I initiated only a voice call
that I got no failures. I could then initiate video and again no problems.

This got me thinking. I pinged the google stun servers and noticed that
more than a couple of pings got dropped. first ping was fine, second also
but reliably, the third dropped.

If I waited a second or so and then pinged again, reliably it was fine

This leads me to believe that when establishing a call and using ICE that
perhaps tries and retries should have a bit of time between them so that
the google servers wont drop the incoming packets.

Anyway - just a guess.