[jitsi-dev] User "pleasant" experience update request.

When starting a chat message with another user, the automatic start private
conversation does not automaticly start not after writing a first sentence
then it enables but does not "resent" my line of text automaticly.

I think we would expect after hitting enter the program enables the encrypted
line and then push the message right trough after that.

Also a form of encryption "enabled/disabled" message should be feeded to the
other party. If i disable encryption and the person i speak to still writes to
me i get encrypted data in my textbox. it should disable encryption on the
other side too. (and show a message optionally, or in some way make it
noticable that encryption has been turned of by the other person)

(im dutch so translating what is see on jitsi's gui dont know if the
translation is accurate.)

I love the program! Keep up the good work.