[jitsi-dev] use of sdp-interop


Hi !
my name is Silas NDJENG, i'm a developper at Singularity insight. a french
startup that provide video conference for users (through smart glasses).

we've built our solution upon ofmeet (a jitsi based plugin for openfire),
and it works very well on chrome. but i'm trying to make videos streams
available on firefox (many users of our solution are on firefox). then, i
downloaded sources of jitsi and jitsi-videobridge in order to have a
solution working on both firefox and chrome.

i've seen that your library, *sdp-interop*, is able to translate *plan B *based
sdp (for chrome) to *Unified Plan *based sdp (for firefox).
but my problem is: *where exactly should i use sdp-interop in jitsi source
code ?*
* which java classes, of jitsi &
jitsi-videobridge, should i modify ?*

thank you, in advance for your replies,

Bests regards



*Pierre Silas NDJENG* | SINGULARITY INSIGHT | Développeur


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