[jitsi-dev] usb telephony device integration (HID)


I'm working with a Jabra SPEAK 410 speakerphone which works as a audio
source + sink (playback and record) under linux + pulseaudio just fine
(once you hack pulseaudio 5).

Except that the device has some buttons, specifically answer call and
hangup, which I'd like to get working.

The issue is that the device has a built-in state machine. It needs to be
told "go off hook" or else the hangup won't send anything. Things like

The state machine is controlled via the USB HID protocol. I have been
hacking around with /dev/hidraw on linux and I can control the states and
receive the messages to some degree.

I tried a different USB handset a while back which also didn't really work
with jitsi, and I always suspected that it had the same issue - it needs to
go "off hook" and think it's "in call".

All in all, supporting these beasts would require some sort of framework, I

Has there been any discussion on this in the past?


David Mansfield
Cobite, INC.