[jitsi-dev] Tools for testing the bridge and other real time software


Thanks to the kind help of two posters on this email list I now have my javascript link to the bridge working. The java does not. That is probably because I started with the ColibriConferenceIQ class to develop the json to send to the bridge and have not fixed all the problems that that approach causes. In javascript I have started with clean json objects and added the right properties etc. Hence although I have fixed various problems in the Java (oooh the hyphens) it still does not connect.

As I said previously I would like to be able to play some unencrypted RTP streams into the conference. I have been rummaging around to find the best test tools for this. As far as I can see and this link is quite useful


The RTPTools from columbia university are quite good for streaming and receiving files.

VLC (from whereever) handles actually playing back the video and/or audio and can also stream it ... and

Wireshark will actually record a stream passing the local network in a format that can be used by RTPtools.

That to me sounds quite a useful set of tools. However,

Question. Does anyone on the list have any other tools that they would recommend?

On the point of the hyphens in field names in the json. They really are a nuisance, but they can be got round (both in javascript and java, but in different ways) and it would cause major problems for anyone using the REST interface at the moment to change them to more compatible naming structures. It is, however, an issue even if it is a bit trival for anyone else starting to use the system. What I would like to have is a class which can be serialised for the bridge and then the bridge would like it. Sadly that does not work. It needs to start with say underscore and then swap those to hyphens. It just isn't elegant.

It depends in the end on how many people are using the current implementation. If it is not a lot and they are content with it it would be nice to have a v2 which has a better naming convention.

In the UK I do a lot of campaigning on legal issues (mainly relating to families and secret jailings mainly of grandmothers) and it would be really nice to find a way of setting up a conference with the bridge and then managing to broadcast it to youtube or something like that. I have generally used Xsplit and screen scraping, but that is not really clever. However, the nub of the question is how to interface the bridge to broadcasting services such as Ustream and youtube. I am not in a rush on this and if anyone has any ideas that would be great. The concept of the bridge as effectively a controllable chair of a conference is a really good concept. However, for the moment I want to just get everything to work (thanks to Boris and Damian).

Not really a question, but if anyone has any comments.