[jitsi-dev] Time lapse until connecting voice



today I tested Jitsi with the following configuration:

- Jitsi build.3757
- Siemens Gigaset
- both connected to local Asterisk server (extention 2004 respective 2002)

- Calling 2002 from Jitsi, the phone rings
- Jitsi sounds the mocked touch tones and then sounds the calling tone
- I wait for two tones and pick up -> phone silent- no hear, no talk
- Jitsi keeps "ringing"
- after two or three seconds the connection gets through->speaking possible

In a real world situation the called party whould have hung up long ago.

What's wrong? We have had this before.
Thank you for help.


jistsi-asterisk-call.log (17.1 KB)