[jitsi-dev] the subsriber problem


hi, everyone,
     in the file of OperationSetPresenceSipImpl.java, the
registrationStateChanged(RegistrationStateChangeEvent evt) function, if it
is the first time that the state is REGISTED, it will call the
forcePollContact() function to subscriber every contact in the list. and
then start the task to poll the offline contacts. Next, it will judge if it
use distantPA, if useDistantPA is true, it will call the subscriber()
function of watcherInfoSubscriber .
    I can't understand the reasons and the difference between the subsciber
and watcherInfoSubsciber, can you explain them for me ? and I also think ,
if we use the distantPA, we should not start the offlline contacts poll
    Jiang Chunyu


Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications