[jitsi-dev] Thanks, jitsi dev people!


I signed up for the mail lists a few weeks ago and have just set up Jitsi
meet on my laptop.
@Emil Ivov: thanks a bunch for the tip about doing a quick install instead
of a manual compile. It took me a while to get my ISP to allot a static IP
('frame IP because I don't have a modem' - whatever that means), but the
actual install went without a hitch once I set it up! It took maybe five
minutes to set up!

I'm now figuring out how to actually mail chatroom links to people - from
what I've been able to gather, I'll have to use dynamic dns and portforward
80 on the router to the static IP (if there are any additional / special
steps to be taken please let me know ). This is what I'm intending to do:
1) map my public IP to whatever URL schema dynamic DNS providers offer
2) port-forward (80/443/10000) to the static IP the meet instance is
running on on my laptop.
3) see what happens.

thanks again for a super project!

best regards,