[jitsi-dev] Syntax and plurals

07/11/2013 21:41, sgrìobh dev-request@jitsi.org:

Hi Michael

Thank you very much for pointing these out and the Gaelic translation!

You're welcome

I updated the templates on Pootle - so Gaelic (along with a couple of other
languages) is now down again to 95%. I'm trying with our build maintainers
to get at least the Pootle-import (source code -> Pootle) automated.

I'm suddenly getting odd errors on Pootle, the latest one being "You don't have permission"

>msgid "is writing a message"
>msgstr ""
This one is a bit tricky: the message is being used for the popup. The
contacts name is used as the title and the above message is the popup's
text/body. I left it as is.

Hm yes, judging by the description (and the 'has become' one) that's not easy to change - but in the long run it's probably worthwhile minimizing that kind of thing nonetheless, it will trip up a lot of languages or force really bad translations. I know English and other subject initial languages are ok with that but SVO/SOV are only two out of the 9 possible word order patterns.

Other than grepping with a fancy regex, I don't know of anything. French was
equally annoying...

Urgh. Is there a useful error message at least i.e. will the program tell me at which point I'm breaking the code?

Thanks for fixing the others!