[jitsi-dev] Strange ICE Behaviour with United Internet Accounts (GMX WEB.de...)



... I shouldn't have cheered too much prematurely in my last message. Anyway - this is what happend: Suddenly I wasn't able to call via my gmx.de account anymore. I got an ICE failure. (log see attachment) After long contemplation I remembered that GMX's STUN server is non standard somehow.

So I deactivated "configure STUN automatically" it in the account's settings and left "use Jitsi STUN server if no other is available" checked. It works!

My point:
- GMX and WEB.de - Webmail - Accounts are quite popular in Germany (and .at and .ch) They're run by United Internet, which is a quite big internet provider here (1&1)
- Every Webmail has an XMPP/Jabber account. Not many users know that.
- It would be a nice selling point for Jitsi to use it with an account that many folks already have.

Unfortunately the STUN issue is a big trap for the often nontechie users (and even for techies like me).

Would it be possible to automatically detect and discard such requests and fall back to the build in STUN server?

If not: Would you please put it into the FAQ (not that I looked there first before experimenting - but maybe it helps others)

Thank you very much


PS: Keep on coding such a nice app. It works quite stable again.