[jitsi-dev] Strange behaviour during new calls


We are experiencing strange problem in new nightlies (it may have been
happening before but i didn't noticed it).

In some rare cases (two calls happening in quick succession) call is dialed,
i can hear it ringing but no window is shown. I don't have any way to hangup
the call and Jitsi is stuck and doesn't respond to any input. Only way is to
shut it down from task manager (Windows 7 64bit).

Example logs are attached to this mail. Calls are made on stable connection
only to IVR. Similar problems happens on other PCS after upgrading from
nightly 4624 to 4844.

Is anyone experiencing similar problems? Does anyone have any idea what may
help? Or is it possible to add some debugging info to logger so it is easier
to debug this issue?


callfailed.txt (3.56 KB)

callok.txt (6.81 KB)