[jitsi-dev] Some usability issues



I'm very appreciate working with Jitsi. But I have some suggestions which
will improve usability:

1. Dial number by "Enter" besides "Ctrl-Enter"
The usual action by enter is dialing the number. After typing the number I
dial more often than write number to address book.

Maybe it's possible to change this behaviour in settings?

2. Add contact - "Possibility to add number besides "number"@"ip or domain"
Now if I add number which I've already dialed Jitsi suggest me to add for
example "+79217410726@sip.zhirnov.net" and if I add only the number Jitsi
doesn't change number to name.

I want to add number to Address book and get the name if this person call
me back.


Best regards,
Mikhail Zhirnov
Skype "Chudack"