[jitsi-dev] Some questions about the moderator


Hi, Jitsi Team!

From what I was reading/testing in a standard installation and without
authentication, the first user automatically becomes a moderator. In
this scenario, when a moderator leaves the room, s/he loses his/her
privileges and it is assigned as the new moderator to the user who has
been in the conference room for the longest time. Is this correct?

Now let's think about a scenario with authentication (internal_plain).
The user identifies with username and password to create the room. After
that, the authenticated user becomes a moderator. According to my tests,
in this second scenario there is no reassignment of the moderator
privilege to another user, but when the moderator who had left the room
re-join the room, s/he automatically acquires again the moderator

Some questions:

Is it possible to have more than one moderator in a room so that there
is no reassignment of moderator privileges and that the moderator
privilege is maintained when leaving and re-joining the room (similarly
to the second scenario mentioned)?

In the second scenario I noticed that if an user creates the room after
being authenticated and s/he decides to close his/her session
(Profile->Logout), a message is displayed saying "Are you sure you want
to logout and stop the conference?". By pressing "Yes" the moderator
leaves the room but the users remain in the room. Should not they have
been kicked-off from the room since the conference was stopped?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,