[jitsi-dev] Software Update dialog on OS X


I'd like to share my opinion that the text in the Software Update dialog
displayed on OS X and, especially, relating to the Jitsi version feels like
a mixed bag. I see the following:

"Jitsi 4342 is now available - you have 1.1.4335.10084"
The 4342 and 1.1.4335.10084 as versions are not really obviously and
clearly comparable because they use different formats.

"Jitsi build 4342"
So it's no longer "Jitsi 4342", it's "Jitsi build 4342".

"Other recent changes in earlier versions:
A third way of formatting the version appears here.

Eventually, I see which revision I have installed (10084) and which earlier
revisions I've missed (10097) but I do not see which revision I'm being
offered to update to.

On a subject different than the version formatting, I read the following:

"Build 4342 for MacOSX generated on sam. 24 nov. 2012 12:34"

"MacOSX" looks like a glitch to me. I'd rather have it "Mac OS X" or "OS X".

Finally, what does "sam." in "on sam. 24 nov. 2012 12:34" mean?

<img src=’/uploads/jitsi/original/1X/401ce1ca39495d1d0af40e8dfbb507a62fef5907.png’ width=‘578’ height=‘392’>