[jitsi-dev] SIP - Unable to transfer to arbitrary number



It seems there is a bug which makes impossible to transfer a call to
arbitrary number (ie. one which isn't in the contacts list).

How to reproduce this bug?

If we have a scenario where two Jitsi (2001@sip.example.org and
2002@sip.example.org) are registered with SIP PBX (ie. Asterisk):

1. 2001 makes an outbound call to number 0123456789
2. Once call is connected 2001 click transfer button.
3. 2001 types "2002" (2002@sip.example.org is not in 2001 contacts
list) into "Enter name or number" field and clicks "Transfer" button.

Expected behavior: call is transfered to user 2002@sip.example.org

Actual behavior: "Transfer transfer" window is closed and nothing
happens. Call remains connected to 2001.

Tested with Jitsi 2.3.4736 on Debian and Windows 7.