[jitsi-dev] SIP status problem & suggestion


Dear Sirs,

I'm on Mint GNU/Linux 14, with Jitsi 2.0.4506.10553, using an iptel.org
SIP account.

A buddy of mine uses the exact same stuff.
We tried messaging and calling each other.

We tried using Jitsi for about an hour. During this period, we got 0
messages through and managed to make 2 calls out of several dozen tries.

When trying to message, Jitsi's only feedback is that the other party
is offline. We were both online, but in the contact list Jitsi shows
the other party as offline (a grey dot).

When trying to call, Jitsi reports things like "Noisy feedback tells:
[...]" and "Temporary unavailable". As a user, I don't know what such
messages mean, other than that it's not working.

I was a tad disappointed about this, to be honest.

What to do next?
Do you need information from my Jitsi's log directory?

I'm hoping you won't tell me this is a known problem, because I'm
excited about Jitsi as a possible replacement for Skype.

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.

On a side note, may I suggest the following: if a user enters a SIP id
that contains "ekiga.net", maybe tell the user that's not going to work.
Little things like that may make the program (even) more user-friendly.

Yours sincerely,
Norbert de Jonge