[jitsi-dev] SIP Problem


Hello there,

thx for your reply regarding facebook chat. Maybe you can help me with my main problem?

"Then i tried SIP, it worked for about 5 Minutes, after that it shows
"offline" all the time.

And it doesn't matter what i try, it stays offline.

A simple tool called microsip works without any problems with my
fritz.box 7490, so i guess it's not related to the box."

Would be nice to get some ideas, how to fix that.



And now jitsi wants always my password for my facebook chat. After
entering it says, the credentials are wrong. So i tried another tool
with facebook chat integration and my credentials work.

  Please have in mind that Facebook announced some year and a half ago
  that they will be dropping the XMPP support and all third party
  clients. Half year ago they started implementing this new policy,
  obviously meant to promote their own Messenger application. Not
  surprising at all BTW, walled gardens typical evolution.

  Now they seem to use a sort of their own non-standard implementation
  of MQTT and in the recent weeks third party XMPP clients started
  losing connectivity with Facebook.

  It's a good time for all of us to once again try to get at least some
  of our contacts to use the XMPP network, because one way or another
  Facebook integration in third party clients will be a hard thing to
  support in the future. Of course I'm not speaking on behalf of the
  Jitsi team -- if the dev team has plans and finds a way to support
  this, it will be great. But for now your Facebook connectivity problem
  is caused by Facebook itself, on purpose.


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