[jitsi-dev] Setting up auth



I'm sorry if it's not the place to ask about this, not sure where I should.

I installed Rocket.Chat and Jitsi-Meet yesterday, and both work fine with
each other. My only problem is that currently anyone can just use the
Jitsi-Meet directly.

The ideal would be to restrict room creation to people logged in on
Rocket.Chat, not sure if there is any way to make that work ?

If not I've seen that I'm supposed to be able to setup authentification
in prosody, but I couldn't find any documentation about this for Jitsi.
I installed it using the debian package, I have no idea how prosody works
or what enabling auth implies.

Would I need to manually create an account for every Rocket.Chat user again ?
Would that interfere with random clients joining the rooms when we share
the link ? That's kind of a big selling point for us I'll admit, being able
to completly get rid of Skype and just give a link to the client instead,
or call them with the SIP bridge, if I ever manage to get it working.

As a bonus question, do you see a way to replace the robot images with
the Rocket.Chat avatars ? Guess you might not be the ones to ask though.
I did notice this afternoon that the robot aren't working anymore,
the generation URL returns a 500 error.

Thank you,


Kevin Lemonnier
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