[jitsi-dev] Seeking Jitsi Service Company for Education Company in Boston and Tokyo



Can someone please tell me where to look for this (below)? (maybe I am
not asking in the right place)

I ran some queries on the web and I cannot find commercial services so
easily and we are not yet ready to run the software on our own servers.


Devin Ulibarri:



I am working for a company based in Tokyo and Boston called Sakae. They
have been using Ustream to do web conferencing. I think that I convinced
them that Jitsi can replace it, however we need to work with a company
that has the following service:

* The same functionality and quality service as is on meet.jit.si
* A service that records the multiplexed conference and saves it in an
accessible location. Any kind of access would be acceptable (FTP access,
for example, is fine), and accessible within 12 hours of the
conferences, which are 30 minutes in length. Any format is fine, but
both webm and something compatible with iPad (mp4?) would be best.

Of secondary importance is access via iPad or iPhone (b/c Sakae lends
iPads to their students).

Of tertiary importance is tech people who speak Japanese. I speak
Japanese, so I can cover this base if necessary.

Thank you,