[jitsi-dev] Running libjitsi examples


Hi all,

I have tried to get the examples from libjitsi running and found some
confusing inconsistencies in the the usage description. Namely, the ARGS
array in the AVReceive2 class contains wrong parameters descriptions (I
think it is a copy-paste from the transmit class). Those should be
substituted by the comments to the respective parameters - they are correct.

Trying to run examples as proposed in a comment in the main method:
//java org.jitsi.examples.AVReceive2 --local-port-base=10000
--remote-host= --remote-port-base=5000

fails, with the Exception
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jnawtrenderer in java.library.path,
because, as one can find out from the run-examples target in build.xml
file, the following should be added to the classpath:
This should be probably added to the "java
org.jitsi.examples.AVReceive2..." comment mentioned above.

Executing the aforementioned run-examples target also does not work out of
the box, because run.example.name and run.example.arg.line parameters are
missing. So, for everyone struggling to start the examples, try the
add to the build.xml file:

<property name="run.example.name" value="AVReceive2"/>
<property name="run.example.arg.line" value="--remote-host=
--local-port-base=10000 --remote-port-base=5020"/>

Execute ant run-example. The receiver should start on the specified port.
Modify the run.example.name and run.example.arg.line properties as follows:

<property name="run.example.name" value="AVTransmit2"/>
<property name="run.example.arg.line" value="--remote-host=
--remote-port-base=10000 --local-port-base=5020"/>

Execute ant run-example again. The transmitter should connect to the
previously started receiver and do it's job during the next 60 seconds.

I understand that those issues are not critical, nevertheless examples
being something people would probably try out first makes it somewhat
complicated to start using the library.

Alexander Fedulov