Hi again :slight_smile:

In Jitsi 2.0 and before this worked fine ... I don't know when this got broken. Even with "impl.gui.ROUTE_VIDEO_AND_DESKTOP_TO_PNONENUMBER=true" i can't make videocalls through SIP from Jitsi anymore ... icons for videocall and remote desktop are not present in roster.

I crawled some source code and my suspicion is that bad variant of method isVideoCallEnabled is called from initButtonsPanel method. contactPhoneUtil.isVideoCallEnabled(detailsListener) is called and it only does some basic checks ... function isVideoCallEnabled(Contact contact) which does more thorough checks wasn't called at all during debugging ... but it's just my suspicion.

Bugs I report are nothing serious and I am not complaining or demanding fixes ... rather I am just trying to pass on findings I have acquired. So sorry for spamming and don't get mad at me :slight_smile:




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