[jitsi-dev] reusing jitsi-meet modules

Hi all,

My company is interested in developing a video chat application based on jisti-meet, but with an alternative UI. In my experiments so far, I've been able to replace the existing UI module with my own version while continuing to use the XMPP, RTC, and related modules.

That works fine, but I'm not sure how well that will work in the future as jitsi-meet is developed. My concern is that the interfaces between these modules might change at any time, and since they aren't published or versioned as independent packages, it won't be obvious when e.g. the XMPP module has changed in a way that's incompatible with my custom UI.

Has any consideration been given to publishing the jitsi-meet modules as NPM packages? E.g. one for XMPP, one for RTC, one for simulcast, etc.. That would make the modules easier to reuse in other apps, expose Jitsi to a wider pool of developers, and make it easier to test each module independently.

My company would be willing to contribute to this effort if it seems useful to others. Alternatively, if people have other ideas about how to make the jisti-meet modules more reusable, I'd be interested to hear them.

Thanks for reading.