[jitsi-dev] REST - Event Handlers and new streams


Further to this question as to how to tell the clients that a new SSRC is available using the rest interface I have looked at how this might be done by passing a new message down the data channel. I take the view that this would be best working in tandem with the way the bridge works rather than as a completely new function.

Hence I have been looking at how to do this when a stream is added. There is a nice event constant for a started stream which I can put into maybestartstream to track when a stream starts.

I would like to send this to be processed by one of the EventHandlers so it broadcasts the new stream SSRC to all of the conference members on the datachannel. However, it is clear that there is some form of property specification that tells the bridge which event handlers to use for which function.

Is there somewhere something I can look at which tells me what properties are currently supported for this and how they go (I presume in the sip-communicator.properties file).