[jitsi-dev] REST API


I would be also glad to get some more details on the REST API which Jitsi provides.

E.g. how do you remove channels etc, some sample json requests for the patch method would be really helpful.


On 04/14/2015 01:40 PM, martin.hoole@emailn.de wrote:

I am trying to understand the REST API better.

In order to get media flowing, is that the right workflow?

  1. Allocate a conference on the bridge. POST /colibri/conferences
  1. The signalling server creates an SDP offer, and substitutes the ICE

candidates and DTLS fingerprint with the ones obtained in step 1. It

then sends the offer to the client.

  1. The signalling server receives the client’s answer. It takes the

transport information, and the payload-type description, converts them

to the COLIBRI/JSON format and sends it to the videobridge with a PATCH


Now the client and videobridge have each other’s ICE candidates and


start ICE.

How can we patch a conference e.g. to remove Audio, add webcam or

screenshare stream, etc

Is there any documentation or sample REST calls with COLIBRI/JINGLE