[jitsi-dev] Remote SSRC list management


Hi all,

There is numerous places in Jitsi code, where a remote RTP "SSRC" identifier list (or at least the last SSRC reference) is maintained.

So, I am wondering if some of these lists/references may be redundant. Here is an enumeration of the different "class->attribute"s maintaining a SSRC list/reference:

- MediaStreamImpl->remoteSourceIDs

- MediaDeviceSession->ssrcList

- VideoMediaDeviceSession->remoteSSRC

- CallPeerMediaHandler->audioRemoteSSRC and CallPeerMediaHandler->videoRemoteSSRC

The main list seems to be managed by either the "MediaDeviceSession" or the "MediaStreamImpl" class, whether the others can be deducted from one of these main list.

What do you think?



Vincent Lucas, Ph.D. Jitsi developer
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