[jitsi-dev] remote desktop in jitsi



i need remote multiparty desktop function in jitsi. we are using teamviewer now

if i understand remote desktop in jitsi correctly, he is using sip video call for sharing (when using SIP). it works with XMPP too
for multiparty one person must be videobridge(MCU), right?

my idea is:
- use some company with remote desktop API like www.mikogo.com (any other recomendation?)
- each client behind NAT communicate with API vendor infrastructure (no videobridge/MCU needed)
- jitsi have plugin for this vendor

do you think is it possible? do jitsi accept plugin like this?


what do you think about www.freerdp.com? there is android port too
what to do if some clients are behind NAT? i need some relay like TURN server?


Marek Cervenka