[jitsi-dev] Regless calls using TCP

Hey (Emil)

This code snippet from PPSSipImp.getContactHeader prevents p2p calls using
TCP. I'm not sure this is necessary (a call to Asterisk's echo test works
fine without it), and unfortunately the comment only says what the code
does, but not why.

            //if we are using tcp, make sure that we include the port of the
            //socket that we are actually using and not that of LP
            if (ListeningPoint.TCP.equalsIgnoreCase(transport)
                >> ListeningPoint.TLS.equalsIgnoreCase(transport))
                InetSocketAddress localSockAddr
                    = sipStackSharing.getLocalAddressForDestination(
                localPort = localSockAddr.getPort();

Any comment if we could remove it or if there needs to be an exception for
regless accounts?