[jitsi-dev] RegistrarLess SIP account with a username that conflicts with username@domain of a SIP registrar account



I'm running the latest Jitsi 2.3.4695.9822 on MacOS

I created a registrar-less SIP account by doing Main>File>Add new
account... and then selecting a network of "SIP", and then putting in
a username with no @domain part and no password. It was created
without error.

That account doesn't show up as an option when I try to add a contact,
or when I bring up the dial pad, enter a SIP address, and it brings up
the "call via" list. If I try to create the account again, I get the
error message "This user already exists on the selected network.
Please choose another user or network."

I read down through the sip-communicator.properties file, and didn't
find any reference to the account. I did notice that the username was
the same as the username@domain of some of my registrar based SIP
accounts. So I tried again, this time picking a username that is not
the same as the username part of any other SIP account, and this time
it works!

There is a bug in Jitsi about usernames in registrar-less SIP accounts
colliding with the username part of a username@domainname registrar
based SIP account.

Thanks for Jitsi!