[jitsi-dev] Re: OperationSetDesktopSharingClientSipImpl is CallPeer-less


Hi Lyubomir,

Le 13/02/12 18:50, Lyubomir Marinov a �crit :

Hey Seb,

While looking at the code of OperationSetDesktopSharingClient and
RemoteControlListener to resolve a leak of all CallWindows, it
occurred to me that:

  (1) OperationSetDesktopSharingClientSipImpl pretty much discards the
CallPeer and sends to all CallPeers who have subscribed. I understand
that it is not too big a deal because almost no one will remote
control two desktops at the same time. However, I'm not sure we should
be making that assumption in our code.

I agree.

(2) OperationSetDesktopSharingClient's addRemoteListener and
removeRemoteListener do not accept a CallPeer as a parameter and
RemoteControlListener and its events do not notify which CallPeer has
triggered the event. Given that it's usually CallDIalog which will add
a RemoteControlListener, I believe the add/remove methods and the
events should be CallPeer-specific.

I also agree.

I will check these two issues and fix them.

Thanks for reporting!

Best regards,



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