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Hello, George:After read your answers to this question series, I really want to understand what are those specific rules that the bridge will following when performs routing of these multiple streams, to either forwards the high quality stream or the low quality stream from a specific sender to one specific receiver.During any conference, multiple users in fact share the fixed bandwidth to/from a hosted jitsi-meet server, so it can save total bandwidth significantly if the server(videobridge) can be modified to send only low quality streams to all receivers except that from the "selectedEndpoind".I understand that it will add the complexity of the videobridge to respond to actions such as each client's browser click, and there may be delay between the browser switch from low quality stream to high quality video. That's only my personal perspect and kindly let me know if it is possible to implement from the system viewpoint.
Thanks and Best Regards,Yanchong



Hello Yanchong Wang,

This enables adaptive simulcast that augments the basic simulcast
functionality. It basically instructs the bridge to only send low
quality video (for all the participants) to an endpoint, *if* it detects
that that endpoint doesn't have enough downlink bandwidth.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Jinjun,

Simulcast is the act of simultaneously sending multiple different
versions (e.g. high/low quality) of a media content (typically video).

You can enable simulcast in meet using the "enableSimulcast" flag in
config.js. The bridge performs routing of these multiple streams based
on a set or rules, and, it either forwards the high quality stream or
the low quality stream of a specific sender to a specific receiver. It
is normal and expected to not notice a difference from the users point
of view, it helps to improve bandwidth usage efficiency.

Hope this helps!


On 07/10/2014 09:41, Feng Jinjun 冯金军 wrote:

Can anyone explain the function of simulcast feature? I can not find any
doc for it. Also I tried to enabled it in config.js, seems no difference
with the default mode (disable).

Thanks in advance.