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Thanks for your answer!!!

>>Please use one of the mailing lists for questions related to Jitsi. It
will greatly increase the chances of getting a useful answer.

I sent question to users@jitsi.java.net, and to dev@jitsi.java.net, but
no one answered me.

I don't see any of your messages in the archives, I suppose they didn't
make it through for some reason. Please keep @dev cc'ed for your replies.

I tried to implement the FormatParametersAwareCodec interface, but Opus
codec is native realized, and works through library (System.loadLibrary
("jnopus")), and methods that is called from the method setFormatParameters
(eg Opus.encoder_set_bitrate) hidden by the native realization.

G729 codec translated from C and realized through Java (\ \ Lubomir
Marinov (translation of ITU-T C source code to Java)), therefore necessary
to do realization all methods in Java.((

I don`t know how to do it…

Yes, the two codecs are implemented in different ways. I was only
suggesting to use Opus as an example of how the access the format
parameters. What to do with these parameters is codec specific.

I don't know anything about g729, so I can't help you with that part. It
might be trivially easy to make it output frames of different duration, I
just don't know.



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