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how can I increase the ptime for G729 codec with 20 ms to 60 ms?
because on my server Asrerisk is set ptime 60, and it turns out that
Asterisk sends me one package(60ms),but jitsi sends him 3 package(3*20ms)..

jitsi perfectly works with the arriving packet in 60 ms, is it possible to
send packets 60 ms?

i created issue http://java.net/jira/browse/JITSI-1103

Handling the ptime parameter would have to be implemented on a per-codec
basis. I'm not familiar with the G729 implementation we use, so I don't
know how hard it would be to modify it to make 60ms frames.

If you wish to take a look yourself, you should start with the
org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.codec.audio.g729.JavaEncoder class.

To access the format parameters from this class, you can implement the
FormatParametersAwareCodec interface, and add it as a control using
addControl(). The setFormatParameters method will then be called with the
parameters received via SDP/Jingle. See the Opus encoder for reference.



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