[jitsi-dev] Re: Jitsi 2.1 crashes on Windows 7


Hi again,

hs_err_pid4616.log (31.9 KB)


--- On Mon, 3/18/13, Vieri <rentorbuy@yahoo.com> wrote:

OK so maybe jmsoutlookaddrbook.dll is really making Jitsi
crash. By the way I have Outlook 2003 and I'd really like to
have the addresses looked up by Jitsi (so I'd rather not try
to disable/remove jmsoutlookaddrbook.dll).

I found another hs_err log file of a couple of days ago within my jitsi source code directory when I had run the application within Netbeans in debug mode. I'm attaching the full file here and it also seems to be related to jmsoutlookaddrbook.dll.



If it's of any help I used to run jitsi-1.1-nightly.build.4154 before upgrading to the 2.1 series on the same Win7 machines and did NOT have these crash issues before.