[jitsi-dev] Re: jit.si beta launch



>> We have just launched our brand new http://jit.si service. ... No more NATtraversal issues!).<<
That's cool - though I haven't had problems with my NAT routers recently. Thank you for that. I was about to experiment with the turnserver (which in conjunction with provisioning would be a solution as well)

>>Hopefully other major XMPP services would also start providingstandardized relaying solutions in the near future.<<
Some IM providers use XMPP/Jabber - most in a rather nonstandard way (Google, Nimbuzz whatever). In Germany we have web.de and gmx.de - both subsidiaries of United Internet - which is a very strong provider here. They offer IM via Web and Jabber. Voice/Video support is by a so called Windows only "Multi Messenger" which is around for some time. They might have interest in supporting Jitsi / JingleNodes.