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Hi Alexander,

thanks for the swift reply. My setup is quite simple: I have an residential DSL connection with an WiFi router and my notebook computer running Ubuntu and Jitsi. No other devices are in the LAN. There are no peaks in traffic as I just have one simple phone conversation open. (Video on or off doesn't change a thing) It works fine für a while, then - suddenly there is a phase of dropped packets and subsequently crackling sound. After a couple of seconds, these drop outs are gone and the sound is crisp for another- say a minute. What astonishes me is the regularity: around once a minute the cycle returns. Web radio and other VoIP programs such as Linphone are fine. So I suspect either something within Jitsi or in the jingle node.

The router does not support UPnP - obviously this causes the jingle node to jump in.

Any ideas?


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Hi Conrad,

we had a similar issue with a firewall, which upon an overlap of traffic from several users behind it suddenly became paranoid and recognized too many voice packets as a UDP flood attack. In any case I would recommend to first examine your network setup and any entities that work on that level, as they are the primary suspects. Try to find out under which circumstances the problem occurs and whether the problem is caused by any traffic load peaks. Do you mainly use your internal network or public internet?

Kind regards,
Alexander Fedulov

2012/11/21 Conrad Beckert < conrad_videokonferenz@gmx.de >

in conversations i get regularily moments where the number of dropped packets go up and the sound gets choppy (on my side). As on most of my routes a jingle nodes proxy is involved, I suspect that this might be the reason. Could it be that the packets get dropped due to TTL expired?

Is there a way to change this? The drop out/crackling is really nasty.

Thank you in advance.

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