[jitsi-dev] Re: Connection between two jitsi client with googletalk


Hi, I wouln'd agree that OpenSuSE 12.1 is unmature in comunications as some apps as skype , linphone, google plugin talk and google hungout works quite nice like a charm - clear and stable audio , clear and stable video, no noises , acceptable CPU usage. The idea to have sip and google accounts run by one application seems to me nice that is why I insist to try jitsi. The video in skype and google talk is very smooth and rock steady, I haven't tried with sip accounts, with jitsi video gets flicking and freezing. All that make think that is some problem with jitsi as all of these apps use same common libraries for comunication , video and audio. On the other hand the same isuue is in OpenSuse 11.4.



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>Относно: [jitsi-dev] Re: Connection between two jitsi client with googletalk
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>Op 18-6-2012 18:04, Oleg Miloshev schreef:
>> Hi everyone,
>> There is a problem - two linux computers Open SUSE 12.1 and OpenSuse 11.4 both 64 buts run jitsi
>I wouldn't be surprised if this is due to openSUSE 12.1 (x64)
>Since upgrading from 11.4 (x64), I've run into lots of problems in
>various areas. And I'm not alone. Read the reports. I find 12.1 to be
>the most unstable/immature openSUSE version I have run since the '90s.
>Sound is one of them. Making Jitsi calls almost unaudible (much jitter
>and cracks). Jitsi on Windows however always runs smooth. As soon as I
>find time I'm trying out some distros in a virtual machines, to get some
>sort of baseline. But that may take a while though, since I'm on a
>business trip abroad.
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