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Hi all,
see inline.

Hey Vincent, Call info is something that (outside of developers and deployers) very
few users would ever need or even understand. Displaying it constantly
occupies precious screen real estate and it may also appear cryptic and
intimidating to average users. I definitely think it should only appear when users explicitly request
it. (And I am also thinking that the option to request it should be made
hide-able through config/provisioning)
+1 to show only on request
Once you click on the info button you should see it all however. No
tooltips there. User has indicated they want to see call info so there
no reason to spoon feed them. Just show it all.
I get the point to show some information in tooltip, but it is visually strange. And I agree with Emil about his point.
To balance everything, I think:
1. If there are only 4 or 5 fields to display, put them into the call dialog, I think it's more visually appealing.
2. If there are more fields to display, there is the need to have
another window. Think about the future, too: what if someone adds up to
the info relay indications, jingle nodes peers, jitter, upload and
download information (that means double a lot of field). At a certain
point the "space problem" will impose to use a new window. In this case,
for the conference call I can suggest to show every participant info in
only one window, maybe in a tree structure, like this:

-- codec
-- bit rate
-- etc.


-- codec
-- bit rate
-- etc.

and so on.


Daniel Z.

I went to check on Skype and here's what I see: By default: no call info. After clicking on a relatively hidden field:
Tools->Options->Advanced->Beware of the Leopard->ShowTechnicalCallInfo Once you click on it you see a dialog like the one in your examples,
that has all the info you need, updated real-time (screenshot attached). Cheers,
Emil On 17.02.12 15:55, Vincent Lucas wrote:

Hi all, I am working on providing audio/video stream statistics to the user

interface (cf. screenshot joined). I would like to ask to all of you what might be your preferences about
how to display the bandwidth and loss rate (cf. image joined): - version 1) Information are included inside the "CallPanel".
- version 2) Information appear in a new "Frame". I give my voice to version 1. Cheers,
Chenzo PS: More technical details :
- The "i" icon is added to the "CallPanel" for each "CallPeer". When
pressed, it displays the corresponding "CallPeer" used bandwidth (only
the goodput, and does not the overhead due to packet headers) and the
packet loss rate. Moreover, when moving the mouse over the bandwidth or
the loss rate label, a "ToolTipText" appears with the codec used, the
encoding clock rate, and the IP/port address. - The bandwidth and loss are computed via an "Exponentially Weighted
Moving Average (EWMA)" which gives more importance to recent values. In
our case, each update follows the algorithm:
updatedValue = (newValue * alpha) + (lastUpdatedValue * (1 - alpha))
with alpha the "weight" used (in our case alpha = 0.01). - When using version 1, the statistics are unavailable in fullscreen mode.


On Feb 18, 2012 at 00:00, Emil Ivov wrote: