[jitsi-dev] Re: Bandwidth Issues


Hi Emil,

>>Correct. Therefore, if you want to force use of a particular codec then make sure it either appears first or simply disable all the others. << Well, I can do it. I can even force the remote end to do so using provisioning. But all the others less tech savvy users? >>Yes. That happens via RTCP. The problem is that this information is not always reliable and even when it is, one can never be sure why packets did not arrive. It could have been because video was exceeding available upstream bandwidth but it could have also been that bandwidth is hogged by your torrent client or that WiFi at either end had a problem for a second. Besides, very often frames get bogged before they even reach the network, when for example the encoder doesn't have enough CPU to handle them all.<< Indeed - but for the whole process only the very fact is relevant: recieved or not recieved. Having seen a bandwith indicator/control (?) with Ekiga - or Gnomemeeting as it was called then: They measured t
he amount of packets dropped vs. recieved. Later they added some barchart - like a mobile phone's signal strength indicator. Without having dug too much into it further: The recieving end can easily detect lost packets by checking TTL and seq-numbers. Is it too high - no matter why - then the sending end should be sending less. The easiest way would be to decrease the fps- rate. (as Skype probably does) - if this doesn't help - suggest the sending user that the audio/video specs are perhaps a bit too ambitious for the line. Let it up to him/her what do do: lower specs or get a better line :slight_smile: The only thing open - in my mind would be- how to let the reciever tell the sender that there is a shortage. Ther should be any standardized mechanisms for that?? Anyway. I know this is probably not going to happen next week - but probably later. >>What I suggest is that we start with the finer control that would allow users to pick framerate, resolution and such. We can then see which
are the most popular and helpful ones and maybe export some, or a combination of them in simplified presets like the sliders you are proposing.<< That's fine - it's a good start for me. Greetings Conrad