[jitsi-dev] Re: Adds new improved security interface.


After some discussions here on the list (see previous posts to same topic)
I added an additional property and check to provide some semi-automatic
check of the ZID name.

Now Jitsi stores the AOR (I tested it with SIP) that it gets via
"callPeer.getAddress()" together with the user's defined name. Thus
we have an association between ZID, AOR/JID, and a user's defined
string. When starting a secure ZRTP call then the ZRTP security checks
if the stored AOR/JID matches the AOR/JID of the current connection.

If it does not match Jitsi shows a popup with some explanatory text and the
user's defined string. In that case Jitsi also shows the security panel even
if the SAS was verified. If the AOR matches no popup window appears and Jitsi
displays the possibly shortened user defined string in the security label.

I attach a screenshot to show the display in case of a mismatch.
(The ZRTP security panel shows a non-verified SAS, this is just due to my
current test set-up)

Best regards,