[jitsi-dev] Questions about the Jabber/Google Talk call routing


So, how does Jitsi choose the route for Google Talk sessions?

I have Jitsi 4207 on both sides.
The 2 computers are at different locations, but both are in a VPN,
192.168.5.x ip addresses, can reach each other directly through it.
My computer is also connected to another VPN with the ip of
My computer has an address of on its physical LAN
interface (it goes through a router with .254).

I call the other computer and Jitsi shows this info (i removed the other
  sides real ip address):

Audio info : Media stream transport protocol : UDP / SRTP (Key exchange
protocol: ZRTP AES-CM-256/DH3K)
Codec / Frequency : opus / 48000 Hz
Local IP / Port : / 5006
Remote IP / Port : $other_side_real_ip / 15316
Bandwith : ↓ 34 Kbps ↑ 58 Kbps

$other_side_real_ip = the real ip address of the other computer (set on
its ADSL router).

Now its a bit weird, i would have expected to have either both sides use
  their VPN address, either have my computer use its eth0 LAN address and
  the other its real ip.
But in fact here we have an interesting mix - why was an address chosen
that had no routing besides its 4.x class and had no connection with the
  other computer? The ip address from the 5.x class on both sides would
  have made sense, but this is surprising.

// BTW opus sounds great, i had ~10KB/s up/down and great sound quality.


O zi buna,
Kertesz Laszlo