[jitsi-dev] question about adding external jar files to jitsi


I am working on a project that uses jitsi's WiFi calling capability. I am
trying to add some neat capabilities, those capabilities being encapsulated
in a set of jar files, and accessed by making a small number of changes to
existing jitsi code. It is important that the capabilities be accessed via
the jar files, and not by adding new classes to jitsi. (That approach would
not work for me, anyhow, because two of the three jar files I need to add
are not available with source code.) So, my question is how do I
incorporate external jar files into jitsi, so I can run jitsi from Eclipse
on my PC, and have the runtime load the new jar files?

I found the following link on the web, which offered an approach.

When I tried it, I got the following Error, and never got to the point of
seeing whether the classes in the new jar files would be able to be
accessed from the jitsi runtime program. (Error: Could not find or load
main class net.java.sip.communicator.launcher.SIPCommunicator)

Thanks for your help!

Harvey Rubin