[jitsi-dev] Pulling RTP stats for conference participants at regular intervals



Right now, we get RTP stats for every member when he leaves the conference and his streams are being closed. However, I want to pull the stats at particular intervals during the call itself. How should I go about it?

[2016-01-06 10:33:36.326] [INFO]: [28] [org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.MediaStreamImpl.info()] rtpstat:call stats for outgoing audio stream SSRC: 3534054986rtpstat:bytes sent: 0rtpstat:RTP sent: 0rtpstat:remote reported min interarrival jitter: 0.9583333333333333msrtpstat:remote reported max interarrival jitter: 6.9375msrtpstat:local collisions: 0rtpstat:remote collisions: 0rtpstat:RTCP sent: 0rtpstat:transmit failed: 0[2016-01-06 10:33:36.327] [INFO]:[28] [org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.MediaStreamImpl.info()] rtpstat:call stats for incoming stream SSRC: 2317154881rtpstat:packets received: 5733052rtpstat:bytes received: 574370410rtpstat:packets lost: 0rtpstat:min interarrival jitter: 115rtpstat:max interarrival jitter: 333rtpstat:RTCPs received: 45455rtpstat:bad RTCP packets: 0rtpstat:bad RTP packets: 3rtpstat:local collisions: 0rtpstat:malformed BYEs: 0rtpstat:malformed RRs: 0rtpstat:malformed SDESs: 0rtpstat:malformed SRs: 0rtpstat:packets looped: 0rtpstat:remote collisions: 0rtpstat:SRs received: 22736rtpstat:transmit failed: 0rtpstat:unknown types: 1