[jitsi-dev] Problems with latest client

Hi there,

I experience heavy problems with the latest client.

Kubuntu 13.10 x64, Java: Oracle Java "1.7.0_51-b13".


1. When changing keyboard layout in Kubuntu from de to us,
   the whole GUI is not working anymore. Switching back to de
   makes it responsive again.

It sounds like a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) issue to me but,
anyway, it may be of help to see Jitsi's logs as described at
https://jitsi.org/Documentation/FAQ#logs and to have a Java thread
dump (created with jstack <PID>, for example) at hand.

2. Call forwarding is not possible anymore. Before the release of 2.5
   it worked without any problem. When being in a conversation, hitting
   forward opens the forward dialog. I then dial the number to forward
   to. It then returns immediately to the conversation and dialog is

3. Jitsi crashes completely (vanishes) when switching consoles.
   To replay: Switch to console 1 with CTRL+ALT+F1 and back to graphical
   console with CTRL+ALT+F7. Jitsi crashes immediately on return.

We will need Jitsi's logs for this one. They should be created with
"Archive Logs" as described at
https://jitsi.org/Documentation/FAQ#logs because the procedure there
will look for and include any Jitsi crash logs.


2014-03-17 13:37 GMT+02:00 Buddy Butterfly <buddy.butterfly@web.de>:

Especially 2. is very important.

Are you able to reproduce this behavior?

Another hint:
You should recommend to use at least Ubuntu 13.10. 13.10 is much faster
than previous versions and Jitsi loads in about 30% of the time taken
on 12.10!

Thanks for any help and regards,